Movies to Watch Together to Make Your Escort Horny

When you book an escort from Charlotte Action Escorts for various escort services there is no assurance that she will give you some wild sex. This is because she might not be in the mood for sex, that particular day. However, that should never be the case if you are a clever client.

To enjoy the company of the escort, you should begin with making them crazy horny. One of the ways to make the escort horny is by suggesting a crazy movie that will definitely leave her juices dripping. Some of the movies that will definitely make your work easier include;

1. Basic instinct.

Basic Instinct is one Netflix movie that will make the escort horny. The movie features Sharon Stone, who is seducing Michael Douglas. The movie has many such scenes that will definitely make the two of you very horny. The vagina scene will also awaken the nerves in a vagina too.

2. Sex and Lucia.

\This is yet another movie that will ease your way through the escort’s thighs. The movie has received multiple awards for its creativity. However, that is not the only thing about the movie. This movie features some very beautiful, sexy, and sassy actors. Moreover, numerous sex scenes will undoubtedly make the escort want you madly. Make sure you have some lube to recreate some of the scenes.

3. Pirate.

Pirate is a movie that you will rarely find on the internet. This is because it was flagged to be very sexual offensive. However, there are still sites where you can get the movie. This movie features pirates who are cruising but engaging in hardcore sex with the many horny women that are on board the ship with them. However, please be warned, because this movie will not only make the escort horny, but you risk having a muscle pull. You will get a boner you haven’t had in a while.

These movies will not disappoint your wish to make the beautiful escort you have hired very horny and crying to have you touch, kiss, and screw her over and over again. There are also more movies such as Fatal Attraction, Eyes Wide Shut, and Boogie Nights, that are easily accessible on Netflix. They will also serve the purpose perfectly.

Also, if you have access to an HBO subscription they have some good x-rated content that is much cheaper through that subscription than purchasing pay-per-view or buying the movies.