a significant connection

My name is Jeanie, and I work for London Companions Company at Charlotte Grays Escorts, I and quite keen on the variety of people that reserved me for a date. Currently, I hold the most varieties of dates at the agency. A few of my coworkers are jealous of me even if most of the individuals just wished to have a date with me.
Not to appear conceited however, I resembled Megan Fox, yes April O’Neal from Ninja Turtle which sexy Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body! Even in charge at the firm mistaken me for her when I initially used as a companion girl at the firm. They informed me that I have the makings of a model and an actress. Truthfully, in my more youthful days and also to now, some scouts recruit me to be part of Hollywood, but I declined considering that I do not such as the starlight.
Occasionally I asked myself “do men just like my because of my face? Considering that I resembled Megan Fox”. I know you could think of me as conceited because of this. However this keeps bugging me because I got to puberty and having this face. I do not really feel valued for my efforts I mean, I have not had a significant connection because I was younger. Not because nobody would certainly date me (as a matter of fact lots of men would enjoy to) but not commit a severe connection because they are frightened by my face or charm if you want to call that. Ladies at college and currently in the company located me to be unthankful for the God’s given present I obtained.
What they don’t understand is I also experience because, guys can not see my true capacity, not as a quite girl who looked like Megan Fox, but a woman with skills. I mean for instance I love to dance, and I am efficient it, I enjoy to repaint, and I am additionally efficient it. However these males do not see me as a musician. Men see me as a prize to be displayed in their circle of friends that they rack up or dated a hot “Megan Fox” look a like.
Even having the opportunity to numerous of guys from College and the agencies reservations, I still can not know what they are feeling in the direction of me. I haven’t been matched for the important things I did or for being a good professional dancer or a great artist. Every one of these males I dated complimented me for my face and just how they are star struck because I resembled Megan Fox, I know it is all great, and all, however I really did not felt the love of a guy, what I felt is their LUST towards me.
It is hard for me, particularly walking in the streets, I felt like I can’t work a normal person. The majority of the people look at me strongly; I implied those melting stares. Today, I am accustomed to this and states this beforehand “thanks, but I am not Megan Fox, I just look like her” and afterwards grinned.

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